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New Release: Chamber Music Brewed in an African Pot 

Thank you, friends, for your patience as this CD undergoes the final editing and publishing processes.

Professor Kwabena Nketia deservedly has an iconic and well-studied name as one of the brightest intellectual sparks in the world of ethnomusicology, and as a global groundbreaking composer. We are truly honored to release the very first professional recording of his piano and string works. Rachel Barton Pine (violin), Sally Singer (cello) and George Francois (piano) have had the privilege of performing and discussing these pieces in person with Professor Nketia, and we are delighted that he supports and approves of the end results.

Based on African folk songs, biographical stories and traditional rhythms, the delight and freshness of this music is unmistakable. From a lifetime of intense study and authentic experience in the villages and cities of Ghana as well as elite universities in the rest of the world, Professor Nketia creates a truly unique blend of African source material with western instruments.