Sankusem is dedicated to increasing the public’s knowledge of African music and dance and the context that surrounds them, with a particular focus on the fusion of Western classical music traditions with African source material. Our commitment is to raise awareness about African cultural, contemporary and classical musical forms, its performers and traditions. Our goal is to expand education and international understanding in these areas through music, dance and other art forms.


   Sankusem Board of Directors

   Sonya Dunn

 Joan Fenton

Dr. Lester Ford

Dr. George Francois

  Rachal Karnofski

Ellen Leuenberger

Dr. Sally Singer


Sankusem Financial Advisory Board

 Helena Aryeh

 Lisa Murphy

Lilian Blankson

 Greg Pine

Sankusem Artistic Advisory Board

Kofi Agawu

 Rachel Barton Pine

 Heasook Rhee